Punished by Antonia
19yo Antonia punishes her older slave. She kicks him, smothers him with her hands and sits on his face until he is totally finished by this cute but merciless young girl.
Alita smothers her co-worker
Sexy Alita facesits her office co-worker after he told her she is too bitchy all the time. She smothers him wearing her black trousers first and later wearing only a thong.
BBW Mistress punishes a slave
BBW Lady Cathy's slave starred at another girl on the street! Of course he wasn't allowed to and now he gets punished by his heavy mistress. She facesits him for a long time after humiliating him and making him worship her sexy feet and legs.
Hands trampled under Katja's high heels
Mistress Katja bound a guy to the metal pole at the pool. Seh starts by stepping on his hands with the sole of her high heels but finds much more fun in pentrating the soft flesh with the sharp heels while he moans in pain and begs her to stop.
Crushed under Nadine's couch
A slave has to lie under Nadine's couch and has to endure the weight of the couch and his mistress while she teases him with her hot body and high heeled boots. In the end she wants to take a nap - of course with the slave still lying under her.
Slave humiliated in the mud
Two girls took their slave on a walk in the nature and use them as their human pony when they arrive at a very muddy area. They force him to crawl trough the mud and water and force his head on the ground using their sexy buffalo platform boots.
Maeva dominates a slave outdoors
Maeva forces a guy to lick her dirty well worn sneakers clean and even makes it more humiliating for him by spitting on them first. He also gets his face slapped and spat in the mouth before his hands are trampled under her sneakers.
Hard whipping and caning
Mistress Samira and Mistress Ronja whip a slaves ass really hard while he's handcuffed to a wall. They use thin canes to maximize his pain and take turns in whipping him to make sure he hasn't a single minute to rest in between.
High Heel Worship & Tongue Crushing
Mistress Kitty forces a guy to worship her sexy high heel mules and faceslaps him everytime he misses a little spot. In the end she tramples his tongue under her mules and even forces his tongue between the shoe and her foot to squish it!
Used and abused pet in the girls class
The girls class is supposed to have a lesson about pets today but when one girl brings her own "pet" to school they decide to trample and humiliate the pet instead of having a normal class. He gets brutally abused by the hot school girls.